How to court a shy man?

In the world of seduction, it is not always easy for many women to make the first move, especially when it comes to courting a shy man. In order to score points and be desired, it is important to know the techniques of flirting. How to seduce an introverted or shy man?

Learn to stare

Looking a man in the eyes when a discussion is conducted is the best way to retain attention. Indeed, men are often attracted to women’s eyes. The eyes, as it is often said, reflect the personality of the individual. They are in a way the mirror of the soul. If the one you are considering seducing is a sportsman and is comfortable, looking at him can have a significant effect on the discussion. When a shy man is in his element, he has confidence, which can bring him out of his shell. On a first date, don’t hesitate to make eyes at him during the conversation. 

Smile at times

Smiling is one of the most important cards in getting a shy man to fall for you. To flirt with him or to keep his attention, it is advisable to smile at times during the discussion. The fact is that no man can resist a nice smile. It is also possible by smiling to reveal a part of his personality, it can put him in confidence. Moreover, it is important to note that the smile allows you to hide your shyness. So you should not deprive yourself of it. It is an element that strengthens the charisma in the role of seduction. A shy man loves when a girl gives him a nice smile.

Make compliments

To mask your shyness, it is good to learn to overcome certain limits. But it is essential to remain natural and simple to please the other. You can be attractive and appealing while remaining distinguished. Of course, it is not easy to find a topic of conversation when you are a woman. But to avoid dead time in the discussion, you can give him compliments. It is a way to put him forward, without abusing it. You can compliment for example his eyes, his clothes or anything else that attracts him by being sincere.