Sex as a source of healing

Sex is not just about the pleasures it brings. It is also a source of healing for many diseases. This article lists some of these illnesses.


 Sexual intercourse is a time of intimacy when two partners of the opposite sex share sensational and sensual pleasure. Beyond this journey into the world of pleasure, it is a better therapy for headaches. Some people wonder how this is possible when we know that women use this same illness as an excuse to refuse their husbands a taste of the fruit. It must be said that this is a false pretext since sexual intercourse allows the body to be released of endorphins. These are hormones that dull the ardor of the headache.

 The pain

Paracetamol and painkillers have long since lost their monopoly on the treatment of pain. Sexual intercourse has taken over from them. This is a statement that is far from being gratuitous since it is supported by science. According to scientific research published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, the orgasm that occurs during sexual intercourse carries with it the seeds of pain reduction estimated at half the sensitivity generated by said pain. The secretion of oxytocin and endorphin speaks volumes. These are natural painkillers that relieve pain.

Cardiovascular diseases

If there are pathologies that beat the record of mortality in this XXIst century, cardiovascular diseases are an integral part of it. They do not leave any chance to the people who have the misfortune to find themselves in their way. Nobody dares to stand up to them. The main concern of everyone is to take steps to counteract the disease. Sexual intercourse is one of these measures to be adopted at all costs. It reduces the risk of stroke by half. It is recommended to have sex 5 times a week to protect oneself from the fatality.